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Vocals: 10
Enthusiasm: 10
NBA championships: 0

Dave (Vocals, Guitar, Triangle) has studied the art of vocals all over the world. Having won best vocalist in the World 17 times in a row he decided to try his hand at pro basketball. While Dave came close to becoming a pro, he found he lacked the necessary skills, height, fitness and basic grasp of the game, so he has moved back into singing for Yomama.


Guitar: 10
Harmonies: 10
Gold Logies: 0

Gavan (Guitar, Harmonies, Pan Flute) began learning guitar at the age of 4 months and was regularly playing shows around Australia by the age of 2. "Little Gavan" was a smash hit show that won numerous awards and even landed him a nomination for a gold logie. Gavan enjoys playing guitar on stage with his Yomama comrades, as well as knitting sweaters for cats and other various small pets.

Bass: 10
Harmonies: 10
Food comas in last year: 4

Jess (Bass, Harmonies, Guitar, Drums, Cello, Tuba) began his musical career by stealing other people's instruments. Gifted on the bass, he developed a technique in 2011 that enabled humans to talk directly with baboons via bass riffs. Many scientists claim that this is utter nonsense, however some say further research is necessary.

Drums: 10
Harmonies: 10
Current lawsuits: 13

Ross (Drums, Harmonies, Didgeridoo) was at one stage Australia's premiere ferret breeder. In 2013 he launched his own drummer apparel "N-Snare" which focused on "apparel for the modern drummer"

Unfortunately the material used to make his apparel was highly flammable, leading to several tragic incidents. Ross has joined Yomama in order to pay for his ongoing legal fees.

So now you know the somewhat factual history of the band. 

Unlike many corporate entertainment bands, we don't have multiple musicians. It's just us, so you know when you book us, you're going to get us, not some randoms thrown together on the night for the first time. 

We have been together for well over a decade and have played hundreds, if not thousands of shows..maybe millions....probably not millions but definitely more than 5.

The band consists of 4 people; Dave, Gav, Jess and Ross. So let's meet them.

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